Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is so much I can write about expectations, it could take me hours. But I will be concise (it's a holiday weekend!).
The most important thing to know about expectations is They are all in your head. Never, ever cast your expectations on anyone else. If you do, you set yourself up for a disappointment. It is particularly true when it comes to relationships, expectations we have for our partners. What you expect is your wishful thinking and might not resonate with the other no matter how much you want it. To save yourself heartache, just don't have any expectations.
The only expectations you can count on are the ones you set for yourself. Follow through on them and see how hard it is sometimes to meet even your own expectations. Then you might be more flexible on others. And believe me we all set out so many of them for ourselves that the last thing we want is expectations from someone else.
If it's too hard to let them go, try to move them to a place of desire. Something more general. and don't have anyone particular in mind. Let the Universe find the person who will match that expectation. You might be surprised where life takes you. But I can promise you, that by doing this you will be in a better place in your mind, heart and soul.
Bless you all!


  1. You don't know how your posts help me! I should follow your precious advices... I always have too high expectations on others, when the only thing I should do is to concentrate on myself!!! I wish you in advance a great July 4th!!! Love your blog every day more!!! :D

  2. Thank you Giulia! WIshing you love and peace. Always put yourself first.