Friday, August 5, 2011

Ideal Man?

Last time we were out, my girl-friends and I had a hot discussion about our ideal man. You know the one you admire (usually a celebrity) and the one you think of when creating your list..
My friends couldn't have had more different views. Some love the new guy from Thor (have no idea who he is), some love Richard Gere (Pretty Woman never goes out of style), some love Brad Pitt (never could understand it), some love Ed Norton (ok, I can see that maybe), and so on. Lots of them.
One of my girl-friends made the most hilarious speech that night when she said that up to this day, no one could compare to Robert Redford. I agree, we all agreed. He is just classic in my opinion. Never mind the age. Perfect manners, beautiful smile and hair, sexy yet manly. He makes you feel like a woman even if you're one across the screen. You want to be his woman and have a lifetime together, onscreen and off screen. Natasha got so into it (3 cocktails helped as always) that we were under the table with laughter. She said: Yes, he's the best. Yes, he is not that young anymore.. So what..When he dies, then I die.. That was just too much, I couldn't stop laughing. I want to thank her for such a passionate speech, I'll always laugh when thinking about it.
Anyway, as excited as I was to listen to my friends I couldn't come up even with one man who is my ideal. Of course, I had crushes on celebrities since 4 y.o. But I think since Tom Cruise didn't make a million in Cocktail, my life became way too real to have an ideal man image. I was even upset that I didn't have anyone in mind. Even when I play with myself, I don't have any man in mind. I'm just too focused on what makes me tick, if you know what I mean.. (sorry for the intimate details:)
True to myself, I couldn't give up on the subject and Voila, I found him.
It happened last week, when my friend and I were fantasizing about my blog coming to a big screen (I already mentioned my wild imagination). First, we started casting an actress to play my part. For some reason, Natalie (my friend) had only Latin girls in mind (Adriana Lima, Eva Mendez, etc). I thought they were too hot, I am more European. Really I wish I looked like them, maybe I just don't see myself that way.. Anyway, eventually I found an aspiring actress from Portugal that looked amazingly like me..

Naturally then I needed to find a man who would play my next (and last!) love. yes, I am only falling one more time again, I made a promise to myself. He didn't spring right to my mind but the next day I had no doubt who would play him. Nacho Figueras (pics), an Argentine Polo player. I don't know him but when I look at his pictures I feel I do. Something about him that not only makes me admit that he is the hottest man in the world, but maybe the greatest one too..
He rides horses, he loves them. He has a family and children, and he loves them. I don't know what to say. He is just the guy to play in my movie my third and last love, period.
Natalie approved and said that I told you I saw Latin in you.. You even picked the Latin guy. I don't care the origin. He is handsome, tanned, and has got beautiful hands and hair. I never really cared about the looks, and all men I dated hardly had any particular physical trend.. But with Nacho I just cannot resist.

Even if my movie is never made (Reality..) I still have my own life to live and create it on my own the best I can. And at least for now, it is comforting to know that I still managed to believe that    there are ideal men in the world, and maybe there is one for me.  

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