Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm back

Just a quick note for now: I am officially back. As I stated in my prior post, it was the time to escape for a while and re-balance myself. I am almost my best balanced self again, and am ready to get back to my NY love adventures, most importantly putting them in writing.
Another great thing happened is that I found an old memory stick with my earlier journal writing. It's dated about 4 years back when I was dealing with a loss of my first love and during the most dramatic personal development. I was excited to read it and was quiet amazed with how I felt back then. So I've decided to incorporate some of my old work into my current writing. My style has changed since then but my heart's and mind's desires remained the same. It will be exciting I promise.
Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my current life and essays with my earlier writing. 

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