Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Online Dating, I

Cheers everyone,

Here I am launching another one of my promised (hopefully anticipated!) new series "Online Dating".
Yes, I tried it myself and am willing to share this fun but completely unnatural (for me) experience.

Last August, after a much needed break from my summer disappointments on the love front (covered in my prior posts), I was ready to start dating again. As much as I appreciate time to reflect, I also like to take chances, to have action you know.. Besides, wasn't it my dream to fall in love again?
So I said to myself that the whole dating game would never be complete without mine trying online dating.

Not willing to spend more than 10min on setting up a profile and wasting my precious time on writing back and forth (culprits of the famous dating sites), I was excited to find a new site tailored specifically for impatient and strained for time New Yorkers. You just answer 4-5 questions (if you want), upload a few pics and state what you want to do for a date. So this is how I signed up at "Howaboutwe.com". The plan: 3 months - 3 dates. 3 dates was a ceiling for me as I never really believed in online dating. I agree some people do find their love online but it simply isn't my style. I am a person of a moment, of a universal coincidence. Love for me is too magical to be associated with something so predictable and mainstream as online dating.
In any case, it was an experiment and I decided to give it my best effort just for the sake of it. 3 dates in 3 months (Spain trip in between doesn't count:).
Date 1: Cale and I were emailing each other for a few weeks, he was busy traveling, I was busy making my travel plans. Needless to say, we only met after I came back from Spain, mid September.
His profile stated his height at 5'8 and athletic body type. So I knew he wasn't the tallest guy in the room. Though the picture he sent showed a reasonably shaped (for a guy) frame. But damn was I surprised when I met him. Don't get me wrong, I'm 5'6, size 2 and even in heels am not supposed to feel like a giant next to a guy. With him, I did.
Sorry Cale, you are a super smart guy and when we were sitting and talking I had a wonderful time, and almost thought there would be a second date in the future. But once we got up again I knew it stood no chance..

No biggie, I still had 2 dates to go, this time proper physical screening was a must. Judge all you want, but I want a man who can lift me up and take me to bed (if such opportunity ever presents itself:)

Stay tuned for my Date 2.  


  1. Which NYC borough are you in? :-)

    1. A little island called Manhattan :)