Thursday, June 19, 2014

Babies R'nt Us

Cheers all,

So just as soon as I embarked on a journey to find my true path I was cornered by my mother and sister about having a child. They pushed me to the wall, pressed the gun to my uterus and demanded I have a baby right Now.

Apparently I am running out of time to join the most exclusive club of motherhood. With every minute celebrating my glorious 30s, I am wasting my life away (according to my mom and my sister).
Well that just pisses me off. Isn't it every woman's right to decide what she wants to do with her life? Why are we still marginalized by the society into making us believe that the only way a woman makes a difference in this world is by procreating. Why those of us who don't participate in increasing the already overcrowded planet are looked at with pity at best?

 Why are we still alienated by our own lot (women) for not joining them in what sometimes seems to be a very disappointing and stressful experience?

Just because some women find their purpose in having children doesn't mean others do.

What about those women who are more conscious about responsibilities motherhood entails. We understand that bringing a child to this world isn't just a bow to our feminine nature. We actually think about the world we would have to bring a new life into, and how it's not the ideal world for a new life. We think about how most food these days is processed, toxic or genetically engineered, and obesity among kids is growing. We think about the polluted air and water, and melting arctic ice. We think how the corporation is controlling our lives. We think of all the civil wars taking place in the world. We think how corrupted our government is. We don't trust our society anymore.
Then we stress about our jobs that only give 60 days of maternity leave, and there is no reliable and affordable day care available. We get anxious just thinking about leaving our child with some stranger at a day care, and run to work to be able to pay for it. Then we worry that having a child will put our career at risk, just because it does.
We realize that we don't have "the whole village" to raise a child, we only have ourselves, and if we are lucky  a reliable partner.

If anything we are more responsible and practical about motherhood, and are fully aware whether we are ready to bring a new life into this world or not.

I am not saying that having a child is completely out of the question for me and other women of my generations. But we are not driven by primal instincts, and when or if we decide to have a child it will be a deliberate decision based on weighted options and solid reasons, and the God's will of course.


  1. Luckily the flower plants on the planet are unaware of the fears you have ; that's why we still see gardens full of amazing flowers and the fruits with varieties of tastes.

    One way of returning the favor of our parents is to raise kids and continue the process which after all was the cause of our own birth.

    Bet Wishes

  2. Sasha dearest,

    Totally get you; just have had eighteen days of accosting home.
    Keep your chin up: you are in charge of your life - not them.



    1. I know, and you are my stone of wisdom. can't wait to talk soon. call me this weekend please!