Thursday, May 14, 2015

Seize the Day

I seized the day this week. It was Tuesday.
Nature was calling, and I followed it.

That's what happens when a woman starts getting back to her wild nature. There is no way back. You start hearing instinctual voices, and you need to follow for they are loud, ever commanding. There is just no other way. The soul will leap at any opportunity to follow nature's call. The body will get ready like a panther before her jump, the whistle goes and off she goes running wild and free. The hair flying like wings of an eagle. Nothing can stop a wild woman.

Of course, it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds above, I am just experimenting with my poetic bone here:)
In truth, after 2 days of severe allergy attacks (New Yorkers' ordeal in midst of May), I needed to get out of the concrete jungle for a day. Long Beach is my quickest and most reliable escape, the place I almost moved to 2.5 years ago (you can read about this in my other posts labeled Sandy).  The place I found myself, my self-love.

Every trip there is filled with magical anticipation, as if something long forgotten will be revealed once again. Is it mine going back to mother nature? or is it mine running away from the matrix of New York city and society? could it be something I experienced long time before I had forgotten? Is it close to tasting of what heaven on Earth could feel like? It's probably all those things and more, so much more. The place is magical to me. As soon as I step my foot out of the train, I feel connected, I feel myself. Walking to the beach, I already feel ocean breeze, and salty wind stripping me off of all the layers I'd piled on in NY. I feel lighter by each step. Soon so light, I might fly.

I take my sandals off as soon as I get closer. I'm smiling from my heart. My bones want to sing. The sand, the water, the wind, they are embracing. I am a child in my mother's womb again. Nothing bad could ever happen. I am safe and protected. I am free. I am me.

My heart, my mind and my soul are rested. This is a magical time they are completely aligned and are in perfect harmony. For there is no other place they would rather be.

Coming back to the city I bring a little piece of magic with me, it flies from my beachy hair and tanned skin. I am glowing. I just experienced the essence of my whole being.

Oh how I love this.

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