Monday, May 25, 2015

Life's little moments

Cheers all,

I am writing to you on this Monday morning from Vieques, Puerto Rico. It's now, almost at the end of my vacation, that I felt compelled to drop a few lines.
Lessons I learned from visiting this beautiful island (San Juan and Vieques):

1) Expect the unexpected. From the beginning of this trip I was consistently surprised (in a positive and not so positive way and they are both valuable). From federal crime arrest at the airport in front of my eyes, to portioned distribution of water in San Juan due to current draught (once I even had to wash myself with water from a bucket); from joy to sadness; from feeling welcomed to unappreciated. I experienced many more emotions and feelings than I expected. That's why we need to travel, that's why we need to put ourselves in new situations, that's why we need to meet new people and learn about others.

2) Kindness is universal. I am one of those cheery New Yorkers who believe (truly! believe) that we New Yorkers are a kind bunch, even if it doesn't seem that way to an outside observer. We have big apple hearts. And yet, I am always amazed how kind people are when I go somewhere else. I didn't know Puerto Ricans in NY. Here, I meet people of different nationalities and every single one has a smile on their face. I see kindness. I feel kindness. From the hosts who brought me a bucket of water, to the neighbor who lent me her iPhone charger. Form the tour guide who showed me constellations in the sky to the car driver who went out of his way to bring me back home.

3) Nature is our joy and responsibility. I've seen beautiful beaches, and lush gardens. But mostly I see people loving and enjoying their nature. From the youngsters jumping and playing in the ocean at the sunset, to the owner surfing with his dog. From my hostess in Vieques tending to her 50 plus plants and trees to the Bio Bay tour guides being a watchdog of this precious natural preserve. People don't act here as if nature is here to serve them. It's the other way around. Nature is a gift that is enjoyed and protected.

4) Appreciate other's space. Not pushing your agenda on anyone, even if it comes from heart. We are all different and have a different definition of practically anything in this world. It's our awareness that lets us see another as they are and not how we want to see them. Respect their views and decisions. Seeing namaste in each one of us. Something we learn every day, all life long.

5) Feeling close even as distance gets longer. Sometimes we need distance to start feeling close to someone we lost closeness with. Being away helps us become aware and start seeing things for what they are. We can discern our emotions from facts, and look at the situation as an observer. If closeness was lost because of unmet expectations it can be re-gained back from seeing it at a distance. Love transcends time and space.

6) Establishing your boundaries. Applies as to oneself as to others.

7) Explore. Have an open mind. Be flexible. Abandon your rigid ways. Become multi-dimensional.

8) Be still. Do nothing. Be present. Be aware.

9) Take time to digest all of the experiences. Become a student of life. Lessons are in every moment; see them, accept them. Let yourself grow.

That's all for now my dear readers. I am going to seize the moment and hitch hike to one of the 40 plus beaches. Life is indeed beautiful when we see it. 

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