Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Soulmates - Foulmates?

Cheers all,

Today I received an article on soulmates, a concept I was very much interested in during 2010-2012. In fact, so interested that I was determined to meet my soulmate and never settle for anything else. I did meet my "soulmate" or so I thought in 2010. As I found out later he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. And after our painful breakup in 2012, I completely abandoned a concept of soulmates. I'd had enough.

It's now been over 3 years, and the subject never came up, at least I myself never revisited it. With all honesty, it never even crossed my mind. That is until today when an article on the matter showed up in my mailbox. How could it be I thought, a concept of soulmates was so last year?...

The article itself and many many readers' comments were positively affirming that soulmate connections are real. They are a pinnacle of relationships, especially romantic ones. And in order to be happy, we all should aspire to wait till that one and only walks into our life and make us whole.

For a moment I got excited again. My Piscean nature, can't help but get excited about such romantic notions. But years of my personal experience and extensive research in this area evoked a voice of reason. Logically, the concept makes no sense.
The only authentic soulmate connection is the one we have with our own soul and its Divine Source, God if you will. And it's the only connection we need to restore to feel complete.
The concept of someone else making us feel complete is dangerous and degrading in nature. It stops one from finding or simply unleashing completeness one already has within. What scares us is that internal work that requires deep diving into one's own soul, raw, open, unprotected. It scares most of us so much, that we'd rather wait till we meet that special someone who would fill our void. We avoid being alone, we are scared to sit still with our eyes closed. We are terrified to look inside and discover that it's all already there. It can't be so simple romantic minds will exclaim. It's too primitive for my romantic soul! A notion of being incomplete and a soulmate who is the other half sounds so much more exciting. So much more human.

The truth is we all have God/Goddesses in us. We All hold love that transcends body and mind. We are love. Once we realize and connect with it within we'll start noticing that, in fact, we are all soulmates for we are all a part of this energy that is the source of it all. And it's only due to the level of this awareness among humans that makes us feel closer to some people and less so to other.

Out of curiosity, I reached out to 10 friends of mine on that matter. Most of them responded and 80% responded negatively. One of them even sent me a picture of a huge shoe closet that I am sure could be for many New York girls their perfect soulmate (considering the space scarcity and all). One of them believed in a concept but never experienced it herself. Just like we believe in ghosts I suppose, they are as real as we would like them to be. And only 2 (a man and a woman, unrelated) affirmatively responded that not only did they believe in soulmates, they actually met them. However, when it came to explaining what it meant to them, their soulmates sounded more like people who influenced their lives at certain point in their lives. In that case, I could undoubtedly claim Mike Bloomberg my soulmate for making me quit smoking by banning it inside New York bars. I am forever grateful to him for that.

On a serious note, I am happy that it's not 2010 and I am no longer waiting for that one and only to walk into my life and make me complete. I am in 2015, and feel as complete as one should be. And if I crave a higher connection with like-minded individuals, I get together with my girls!

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