Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Path to Authenticity

Can we honestly say that we know who we truly are? Strip away titles, names, "hats", labels, signs, perceptions of others, our own perceptions, assigned traits and norms. What do you see? Do you see the true self that came to this world to explore and expand? Can you feel the one whose heart's beating to its own rhythm? Can you hear the one whose voice's coming from her soul? Can you see the one whose light's shining through?

How often do we stop and ask "Who Am I?" How often do we find time in our technology-powered society to sit down, unplug and ask the most basic question that brought us here to this physical world? Do we question our actions, thoughts and feelings to see if they are aligned with who we are?

Granted what's happening in the world, we don't. Otherwise we wouldn't have so much suffering. If we truly knew who we were would we ever be anything than happy doing the things we love and letting others pursue their passions? Imagine a world of happy people doing what they love, following their truth, letting others follow theirs.

If we knew who we truly were, we would be aligned with our inner selves and there would be no reason to resist anything that came to us. As a result there would be no pain, no suffering. For we would be in the flow, joyfully traveling our path of life.

Do we remember the moment we stopped accepting ourselves and turned to a deceptively safe but dangerous layering to fit in? Before we are out of the parental home's door, we are conditioned and layered with forms and norms so that we could function in the "real" world and follow the path laid out for us. By the time we've loved and lost, our layers had become our second nature. We get lost, disappointed with our life choices, careers, paths, friends, partners, places. Deep down we know something is missing. So we start searching for IT, not even fully understanding what it is we are looking for.. Happiness, love, money, fame, safety?

What we are looking for is ourselves. We are yearning to know who we are, for we know that we are all unique and special. It's peeling away layers and diving deep that we are aching for. The layers are weighing us down and with each new layer it's harder to walk, until we halt and can't make another step. That's when we need to start peeling away all those layers, one by one. We peel away one layer and we already can make one step, then peel away another and another step. And so until we are completely free and walking in our own truth freely and effortlessly.

How do we peel away the layers you'll ask?
By making it an intention. By asking questions. By sitting down in meditation and listening to our inner voice, by becoming friends with that voice and letting it guide us in the outside world. By willing to say good bye to old beliefs and perceptions. By undoing. By letting go.

It's not an easy beginning. It could be very painful to lose the comfort of the layers. Attachments are hard to lose. But once we start seeing the light and feel the lightness we realize it was well worth it. And there is no way back. It's the journey that keeps on unfolding, that keeps us going.

And so I started my own process of peeling away the layers. Intention to do so revealed how many I'd acquired over the years. How I forgot who I was. Every time I sit in meditation I am revealed with yet another layer that covered my true self to "survive", to fit in. With tears of joy and sadness I am peeling them away one by one. I've got many more to go but with each one it's getting easier and easier. I already walk albeit shaky. But I am walking and it's getting lighter with each step. Sadness of losing the layers is replaced with joy of coming home. It's the most exhilarating and fulfilling journey I've ever taken.

Stay tuned to hear more and get inspired to start your own journey.

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