Sunday, August 21, 2016


I know it's been ages since I visited my blog but the most wonderful thing happened to me yesterday.
I was visited by my quote muse. What a sweet reunion that was, we missed each other dearly.

Here's what she whispered in her sweetest voice to my grateful heart:

1) There is no black or white. Every situation requires a unique approach.

2) Sometimes a solution to a problem is realizing that none is needed.

3) One learns about oneself through others. Everyone can be an angel in their own company. It's relationships with others that unravel our deepest truths.

4) One of the best things that comes with age is learning one's own boundaries. Another is respecting them.

5) Neither trusting nor distrusting people will save us from disappointment. Accepting will do the trick.

6) It's not about promises, it's about commitments.

7) Imbalance is at the root of every issue.

8) Nature heals. I don't need Xanax, an hour in the park will do.

I know she (muse) is here now, and we're going to have the best time re-connecting.


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