Friday, September 26, 2014

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts... Oh how I love you.

It hasn't always been the case. There was a time when I despised you, when I ran away from you like the plague. You scared me, you terrified me. Little did I know how helpful you were. How you held the answers I was looking for. How you wanted to guide me.

Why do you get such a bad rep? Why does the spiritual community give you undeserved blasphemy?

You are not what most people think of you. You are unrecognized angels.

We are taught to push away any negative thought if we want to be happy. But can we really do it? Can we truly be happy if we just push uncomfortable thoughts aside without resolving them? Isn't it like pushing dirt under furniture to clear an open space? No matter how clean that space is the dirt will be piling up under the covered areas, until it spills out and all over us.

That's what we do with our minds when we push any negative thought without giving it proper attention. Our minds get cluttered, even trashed with all unresolved thoughts or feelings. Can we surely assume it all leads to potential disasters?

What are you then, negative thoughts? and what should we do with you?

I like to think of you as little children. You are capricious but wise, you're cruel but honest, you're treacherous but loving. You drive us crazy but you also challenge us to open our hearts. You tell us when we go off our paths.
I like to treat you as a child. I like to open my heart to you and understand why you are here in my life and what is it that you want. I like to give you proper attention without surrendering. I need to show you that you don't own me, but you have my attention. I see that you are here because there is a fear or unresolved desire. I know that if I just look at you and give you love, and tell you that I accept you, you'll stop your tantrum. I know if I see that you are scared and just want my assurance, you'll calm down. And I am sure if I address your concern or desire you will stop crying and will run happily away to wherever you came from.

Negative thoughts to positive thoughts are like nighttime to daytime. If there were no nighttime, there wouldn't be daytime. They are mirrors of each other, and simply wouldn't exist without each other. They are yin yang.

They need your attention. They need your love. But just like with everything we love, we need to give them love and set them free. They don't belong to us, and no one belongs to them.


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