Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where there is storm there is calm

Cheers lovers,

Relationships are very much like an ocean. They go through stages, from playful and loving to wild and stormy. Sometimes they stand still, only to get wild and crazy again. Just like an ocean, they are affected by both internal and external factors.

We are happy when they are fun and playful, we are content when they are calm and serene, and we are in pain when they are stormy and unpredictable.

But changes are unavoidable. No matter how solid and healthy a relationship might be, there will be a time when it will enter a shaky ground. It will go through a storm. It will shake us and throw us out of the boat, will slap us with cold water, will make us forget everything else. But just like an ocean, it will calm down, it will come still again.

As with any storm, there are two outcomes, it will either bring us down to the bottom of the ocean or  throw us safely to the shore.

It all depends on how strong a relationship is, and how resilient two people are to withstand the storm. I am sure there are many other factors but they all fall under those two.

How to survive the storm and make it safely to the shore? The answer might not be obvious but it's always there. It resides in our heart. The heart knows whether it wants to be with the partner or now; it knows what to say and do to save a bond. It also knows whether it's time to let go.

So often we try to defend ourselves, prove ourselves right and a partner wrong. But who is there to know who's right and who's wrong. We are all different and no two persons on Earth will always agree on everything. Why would we even want that? The beauty is in variety. How wonderful is it to explore another human being, and just realize how unique we all are.

All relationships go through disagreements and tensions. But if we are open to see that we are all different and respect each other in our own way, they don't have to be defining.

So the question we should really ask ourselves every time we go through difficulties in our relationships is Are we loving enough to honor them and see the other side?


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