Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pure Thoughts, Pure Love

Cheers lovers.

Did you know that thoughts could kill love just as much as actions would?

There is a whole big world inside of us. It holds all our thoughts, feelings, emotions going back as far as we can imagine, and transcending our time reality. Just because it is not a part of our physical world and we can't see it or touch it, it does not make it any unreal. In fact, it is the only real world there is. We don't have a chance to pre-think or pre-feel inside of us, although we do that all the time in our physical world. We think before we say, we filter our feelings before we show them, we pretend, we put masks on, we lie.
In our internal world, we simply couldn't do that. It happens as it happens, instantly, definitely. We may try to suppress some thoughts and feelings, but it's all after the fact.

So as you see, the world inside us is the only world that is authentic to us. It's our truth. The physical world is a playground, no more no less.

Did you notice what you've been thinking about lately? Did you consciously stop and acknowledge every thought and feeling that entered your mind?

Humans we are, we don't bother to acknowledge what is happening inside of us. We are too preoccupied with our appearances. We put too much emphasis on how we appear to others. We foolishly ignore the inside world by entirely focusing on the physical one.

We know those people who seem perfect on the outside, but we don't feel comfortable around them. They look shiny and pretty, but we feel discomfort being around them. Then there are people, who seem rather simple looking, and yet we love being around them. We open our hearts to them, we share our deepest secrets with them.

It's the internal world inside each person that others feel. We are energy and respond to energy. Just like radio, we tune in to the waves that each one of us transmits by their thoughts and feelings.

If we connected events that took place in our lives to our thoughts and feelings instead of our actions, we'd be able to see a much clearer and definite connection.

So how does it work in a relationship you ask me? The answer is simple it's our internal world that will determine a course of a relationship.

For instance, a woman might be nice and sweet to her lover, but inside her heart there is fear and distrust. Her partner will appreciate her sweetness in action but will feel uncomfortable around her. There will be that nagging feeling that something is just not right. We can't fool our partner's heart. The heart doesn't see what she does, it feels the energy coming from her heart. And eventually, her partner will feel uncomfortable around her up to the point that he'll start avoiding her, and break a relationship.
On the other hand, if a woman has pure thoughts and feeling about her partner, her heart will send welcoming and loving energy towards him. His heart will feel home, and he'll be attached to a woman on a spiritual level. And here's the secret most women don't know. A man will stay with a woman he is spiritually connected with. All other connections (physical, intellectual, emotional) are ever-changing, always fickle. And it's only through their spiritual connection partners will be able to keep love alive.

I know sometimes we feel negative thoughts about our partner. And it's important to realize that it's normal. We shouldn't push those thoughts deep down or ignore them. It's as if we just cover our wound without treating it. We need to give those thoughts proper attention.
But how do we balance them with loving thoughts to keep relationship alive?
I'll talk about it in my next post.


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