Monday, March 2, 2015

A story of one little raindrop

Cheers lovers,

I often found myself fascinated watching raindrops' dance on the window of a driving car. If you pay attention, you'll notice how rain or snow breaks into a thousand tiny drops splattered all over the window giving us a natural sketch of Jackson Pollock's painting. As a car moves, those tiny drops start moving rapidly, some of them disappear into the air all on their own, some merge with others before leaving their short-lived life of a drop on a window into the unknown.

Today as I was on the train, some melting snow from the top of the train was going through the same dance. Snow would melt into water, splatter over the window into a million drops, drops merging, dissolving into the air. And on and on. Something stroke me this time. Snow transforming into water, then a million drops, then evaporating into the air, then back into snow or rain, and so the cycle repeats itself eternally. For a little drop on the window life seems so fast and chaotic for it doesn't see beyond the window. When in fact, life never really ends, it simply changes its form. But how a tiny raindrop to know? It only sees the window and other fellow drops, merging together or not, disappearing into the unknown.

Isn't how we see our lives? They are short, fast and chaotic. But the truth is life never really ends, it simply changes its form. After our physical bodies evaporate, we go back to the source we came from before our bodies, just like drops of water. Life has no end, it has cycles. We are not able to see beyond the window we are dancing on but life is vast, it's ever transforming. Just like raindrops we evaporate into the energy that splattered us over this amazing world. We merge, we move, we disappear, only to come back again. Time on this planet Earth is just one of the cycles we go through. Then why be sad about leaving it when we merge with something so grand as the source of the Universe. Besides in another cycle we'll be dancing on the surface again. And so it goes.

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