Monday, March 23, 2015

Devil is in the Detail, Self-Love

Cheers lovers,

So many of us think that something grand has to happen for us to fall in love with ourselves: promotion, new business, big diamond engagement ring, losing weight, buying a house, graduating from a top school, buying a car, wearing designer brands, et al.

The truth is it's an illusion. Once you get or become one of those so called "self-love inducers", there will be another one, and then another one, and... you get the point.

So when do you fall in love with yourself?
Starting now, and starting small.

Did you ever notice how you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you give yourself a smile? Do you look at yourself and say I love you my feminine Goddess?
If not, start right now. Be your own admirer.

How about taking care of yourself (your hair, face, body, style) when you're alone? Do you tend to let yourself go when you are all by yourself. Am I seeing old worn-out clothes, dirty hair, and dull face?

Well, the way we treat ourselves even when completely alone is also showing how we feel about ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is something we do to show love for ourselves and is independent of making an impression on others.
Here's a fun exercise for all my sisters out there. Next time you're home alone, put on your sexy clothes, take care of your skin (masks, scrubs, moisturizer), let your sexy hair down, maybe curl your eye lashes (something I do as soon as I wake up, it gives a constant lift to my whole face, and no makeup needed), or spray your favorite perfume on (something I do even before I go to bed sometimes) to awaken your senses. Then when you go to bed, take a nice bath or a long shower, scrub yourself from neck to toes (every little toe attended), put sexy lingerie on, a silk slip, or anything that you'd put on if Bradley Cooper was in bed waiting for you. No need to do it every day; there are always pj and boy shorts nights. But do incorporate those nights when you go to bed as a true sex goddess.
If you're single and all alone on a Saturday night and don't want to go to dinner by yourself, buy your favorite food (no cooking), serve it nicely, dress up, put makeup on and enjoy the best company in the world - You.
Only truly self-loving people like to spend time alone. They always find time for themselves, and cherish it as something special. For they know the only person they need to make happy is themselves.

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