Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Do Women Want

Cheers all,

I haven't shared with you that since last Fall, I'd been feeling that something was missing in my life. I wasn't sure what or which area in my life exactly was lacking. So I started my search last December, which prompted me to read and go through a lot of material on feminine divine. I even started a female-only group where we would get together and share our deepest feelings and thoughts.

I wanted to learn all I could about myself and other women. I was yearning to uncover my own feminine divine. In doing that, I started seeing divine in other women, even strangers on the street. I noticed how painful it was to be a modern woman; how much was missing in our lives. I could see how separated we'd become from our womanhood. How enwrapped we'd become in masculine energies foregoing our beautiful and natural feminine source. I started seeing that unless we go back to our nature and re-connect with our feminine divine we are doomed to lead a life that is not ours.

We were not taught that a life of a woman is full of joy and pleasure. It's about loving herself and others, it's about doing what she loves, it's about nurturing her body and soul, it's about uniting with other women and bringing each other up, it's about being the light to men and the world.

Most of all, it's about being true to her nature. And her nature is compassion, joy, love, happiness, peace, support, sensuality, unity, beauty, creativity, creation, and birth.

In a society we live now, we are expected to climb the corporate ladder, compete against men and even our sisters, look sexy, get married, keep up the appearances, make babies, go to work until the day of birth and go back after only 2 month on maternity. And then be a mother, a wife, an employee, a lover, a daughter, a coach, a healer, a fighter, a survivor, a householder.

I don't have to go on for you to see how crazy this life is for any human! So how is it we, feminine Goddesses, that came to this life to have joy and pleasure and create have ended up like this?

I don't have all the answers at the moment, I am in progress. All I know is that we need to end this craziness, and find our connection to feminine divine again. It's calling me, it's calling us. I feel it in my bones, in all of my cells and tissues.

We need to reclaim our right to be happy and enjoy the life that is in harmony with our authentic nature. We need to abandon a rat race that society imposed on us. We need to follow our hearts and move our bodies in a rhythm of our own cycle. We need to nourish our souls by doing what we love, and our bodies by giving them what they want.

The world needs us to awaken and re-connect with our Feminine Divine.

The Earth and life itself is crying for us to wake up and become aligned with our nature. Men need to see us reclaiming our source so that they can become the men they should be. And a true man is the one who achieves and provides to make his Goddess happy. He leads as in tango (more on that to follow!)  protecting his woman and letting her just enjoy the dance, show her beauty, trust him, feel him, follow his lead. He came to this world to give her pleasure. And that's when she blossoms and gives him her love and support. When she feels safe she can open herself up and shine from within. When she feels secure she gives away of her natural gifts (love, support, compassion, healing, et al) freely. But a man needs a woman to show him the way by being true to herself. She needs to ignite her light and shine for him to see what his nature is. That's just the way it is. We are catalysts, and men need us to give them the light to see.

My lovely Goddesses, I'm reaching out to you with all my love and support. Let's find our truth, let's end this crazy marathon we believe we need to run, let's find our beauty and strength in being a woman.

If we want to fill that void and be happy, we need to re-connect with our Feminine Divine and start following its calling.

I know it's not easy to abandon our masculine energies. We've been wearing pants for too long (myself including), going back to our mothers, grandmothers. We've been told to rely only on ourselves. We've been conditioned to compete with others. We've been forsaken our feminine source.

Some women might disagree, I know I'd been there myself. But I am certain if every woman sits down. closes her eyes and looks within herself, she'll agree with everything I said. I saw it in my meditation, I heard a Universal Female voice.

So I want to start leading by example. I am giving up competition and embracing unity with others, I am letting go of control and becoming accepting, I am replacing financial goals with my heart's desires, I am embracing beauty and peace over stress and worry, I am letting a man be a man and myself be a woman.

I am aware it will take strength and courage to abandon the life style we've grown used to. But I choose to be happy, I chose to be true, I choose to inspire, I choose to lead.

Love and support to all my sisters. The time has come for us to be authentic, and find our place in this world again.

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