Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magical state

Hello my Goddesses,

Today, I want to share with you one of the most magical states we woman should aspire to sustain if we want to lead a happy life and manifest our heart's desires.

Being a moon child that lives by a cycle, a woman is susceptible to constant emotional and physical changes. Just in one single day, a woman could go through a wide range of emotions, feelings, and physical states. And even though we are affected by outside factors, it's really our feminine nature that causes us to go through constant changes. Just to clarify, men don't go through constant changes as we are as they don't live by a moon cycle. As you learn to understand and go with a cycle, you'll become to appreciate it and see it as a true blessing from nature.

The first and most important step is to become aware of our feminine nature. It's not widely educated to us in our communities in this modern world, and most women are not even aware what's happening to them. I know, I've been there. Most of us go through a point in our lives when we think that something must be wrong with us. Sometimes we are too sensitive, too emotional, too indecisive, too irrational, too skeptical, too trusting... Another common scenario is to move from one mood to another in a NY minute, from happy to sad, from crying to laughing, from closeness to distance. There are days that we wouldn't be moved even if an Earthquake was happening. And then there are days, when one look from a lover could drive us up the wall, and turn us into a shrew. Some days we are pure sweetness and joy to be around, and others - we are impossible to deal with.

What a joy to be a woman :)
But honestly, if we only learn how to go with our nature and use it to our advantage to have happy and fulfilling lives.

I spend 100% of my time trying to learn about myself and other women, understand our nature, and how to become best friends with it. First, there is no way around it. I know most of us are raised by strong mothers and fathers who tell us we should only rely on ourselves, get education, great jobs, make money, gain status. Our parents and societies tell us to be tough and strong. Feminists fought for us to have equal rights, to wear pants and be active.

How far have we come to have all we want? And yet, so far that we've forgotten the most important state a woman should sustain in order to align with her true nature and be a receiver of its gifts.

Not trying to test your patience here, just trying to evoke some critical thinking :)
The state a woman should be in is harmony. She needs to be in harmony with her nature, those around her, and the world itself. It's when we sustain harmony on a daily basis that we are aligned with our nature and are able to manifest our desires. When a woman is in harmony, she becomes the light not only to herself but to those around and the world. She is full of energy. She is a source of life.
Our only task in this life is to tune in and find harmony within. Once we do, we live authentically, we speak our truth, we walk our truth. Once we are aligned with our truth, we become creators.

How does a woman sustain peace and harmony in this crazy world of deadlines, and expectations?

We stop. We do less. We calm down. We become still, up to a point of passivity.
Don't get me wrong, there will be times when we need to move and act fast. But those are rare when a woman gets aligned with her true nature. Just like nature itself, she needs not to hurry and yet everything gets done. We are catalysts of nature, never forget that.

When we spread ourselves thin we lose our energy, and when we are low on energy we can't manifest our desires and attract happy relationships. Woman's power is in her energy; and how she accumulates and spends it will indicate the quality of life she'll have. You can notice those women who are low on energy right away. It's almost as if all their juices were sucked out of them. Their skin looks pale and wilted, their movements are neurotic. They hurry and worry to compensate for the lower vibration inside. In such a state a woman can't create the life she wants and inspire others. And then there is a woman full of energy, she doesn't hurry. She is almost like a swan gliding on the lake in all of her glory. Her beauty shines from within and others are drawn to her. Things just come to her. The difference is that she knows how to sustain and spend her energy. Any woman could be a swan. I know I've experienced both of those states myself. I gave away my energy freely and was drained to a point that creation was out of reach. And I know what it feels like to be full of energy and when creating becomes effortless. It's every woman's choice which one she'd rather experience.

So how do we stop and fill ourselves with energy that will help us attract our deepest desires?
First, by making a conscious decision. We need to become aware. Once you know that you are low on energy, you need to stop doing what you're doing and find ways to save it up. It's about setting boundaries with others and what's expected from you. It's about saying No. It's about listening to your body and giving it what it needs. It could be meditation, yoga practice, dance, walk in the park, a movement, or a soak in a tub. Your body will tell you what it needs and wants, just listen.

It's about giving up action and letting things happen. We need to become comfortable spending time alone, even on weekends when everyone is out and about (especially in New York city where I live). We need to put our internal needs first, and if our body and soul wants us to stay home and paint or write, skip that party that will exhaust you even more and rob you of your creative energies. I can't stress enough how important it is to accumulate energy when a woman wants to attract the love of her life. It's not about running on dates every day and signing up for every dating site. It's about accumulating her energy and spending it wisely. The same principle applies to any creative idea or professional goal. We need to establish our priorities and become careful how we spend our energy. However, don't confuse it with laziness and depressing passivity. If a woman is aligned with her cycle, she is in a constant movement, she is always creating. It's all about the level of movement and receptivity.

I'll delve more into practical steps on how to save energy and spend it wisely in my future posts. For now just become aware of your vibration and see where you need to make changes. As always your own body is your best adviser.


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